Weddings are productions!

If you don’t believe that, talk to anyone that’s tried to design one.

You could try to throw something together. But that’s a party, not a celebration. That’s like getting a YouTube video when you wanted a Hollywood blockbuster. Shouldn’t you have greater expectations for your wedding day? Don’t you deserve more?

Each year thousands of couples hope for “amazing” but receive “mediocre”.  This happens so frequently that most people’s expectations don’t even include “amazing” because they’ve never seen what’s possible.

Let’s go back and take a look at that “Hollywood blockbuster” mentioned earlier…

Imagine your favorite movie or play. Think about the tremendous amount of money and effort and time that were invested.  Now imagine that the director had never worked with the actors.  Additionally, the stage crew had never worked with the set designer, who had never worked with the Best Boy, who had never worked with the sound engineer.  In fact, none of the key players had ever worked together before this production. If EVERYONE performed flawlessly AND nothing went wrong or had to be adjusted, then the number of rehearsals could be minimized, but what are the chances of that happening?

(Blockbuster, or just busted…)